Pope Francis, His Essential Wisdom



Pope Francis: His Essential Wisdom invites readers to experience the words of the beloved pontiff. The excerpts are drawn from his homilies, books, interviews, speeches, and other writings from his papacy and from his tenure as Bishop, Archbishop, and Cardinal. His words reveal a man who is humble, gentle, deeply spiritual, and filled with the love and mercy of God. Pope Francis is the first pontiff to adopt the name of Francis, and it is in the spirit of St. Francis that humility, service, and a close connection to his flock, have been hallmarks of his papacy. In the chosen excerpts, Pope Francis speaks joyfully about the eternal love of God; he invites us to open ourselves to God through prayer; he challenges us to reach out to those in need; and he reminds us of the mercy and compassion of Jesus. Also included is a selection of more personal quotations, where Pope Francis recalls his early years and his calling to the priesthood. Finally, there is a selection of quotations from others about Pope Francis—from those well acquainted with the Pope, to leaders, writers, well- known people and everyday people who have been touched by Pope Francis in some way. Whether you are seeking his words for inspiration or guidance, comfort or strength, Pope Francis: His Essential Wisdom is a moving collection that you will turn to again and again.


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