About Us

About Us

Halfpriced books are Kenyans owned and operated pre-owned books-stores that specialize in slightly used books of all genres ranging from toddlers to college level books. We opened our first brick and mortar store in Nairobi’s CBD Bihi Towers located on Moi avenue in 2019. We have since opened a sister store in Westfield Mall Valley Arcade and are on a mission to open more stores here in Kenya and the rest of Africa.

We have a large presence doing online business on Instagram @halfpriced_books, on Facebook @halfpricedbooks and on twitter @halfpricedbooks to reach our clients who are not able to visit our physical stores. We deliver country-wide and to our neighboring countries with proper arrangements.

For years, the cost of buying books in Kenya was so high and e-books have not helped to resolve the issue due to the high cost of phone tokens. Halfpriced books are here to bridge the books access gap and ensure that our people here have an equal access to good books and fairly priced as anyone walking into a bookstore anywhere else in the world.




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